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Benefits of Retrofit Windows

New vinyl retrofit windows will obviously improve the visual look of your home, but there are also many more benefits!

Energy and Cost Savings: In warm climates like Santa Clarita, non-energy efficient windows can be a major source of unwanted heat gain. In recent years, the technology behind Low E coatings that protect against solar heat without darkening the glass has been vastly improved. These coatings allow you to significantly reduce solar heat gain while allowing for clear views and sunlight.

Lower HVAC Costs: High-performance windows not only lower heating and cooling bills, they can reduce peak heating and cooling loads as well. Reducing peak loads may allow a customer to install a smaller heating or cooling system, thereby increasing the savings even more.

Reduced Fading: Many indoor surfaces can be damaged and faded upon exposure to sunlight. The most harmful type of solar radiation is ultraviolet (or UV). Coated glass can block up to 75% more harmful rays than clear glass alone.

Increased Value of Your Home: CNBC Business News rated vinyl retrofit windows with an 85% return on investment! That is is why we like to say, Valencia Windows offers more than just windows — we offer an investment in your home!

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